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Drug Licenses
(Both state and federal must be obtained prior to dispensing any prescription drugs.)

Emergency Referral Resource Guide
Both state and federal must be obtained prior to dispensing any prescription drugs.) The Capital Area Human Services District (CAHSD)continues to provide leadership in educating the community on the availability and importance of prevention, and early detection and intervention in the areas of mental health, addictive disorders, developmental disabilities, primary/preventive care and public health.

There Emergency Referral Resource Guide and Primary Care and Behaioral Health Resource Guide was developed in response to requests received from the general public, health and human services professionals and law enforcement officers who frequently struggle to effectively refer members of their community to services for both on-going and emergent health and human services needs. We are pleased at the extensive level of its use and the many testimonials we have received regarding its utility.

At its ninth printing, October, 2008, all numbers and locations listed in this manual were confirmed. Click here to access a copy of this publication

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